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Injury/Pain Keeping You Down?

I am using today’s blog post to address and facilitate further ideation on the topic of injury/pain management.  Personally, I have had a long history with chronic pain/illness that manifests both physically and psychologically. In my experience, that which is chronic can become so debilitating primarily because what is causing the symptoms is multi-factorial/elusive and,

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Be More to Do More – Not the Other Way Around

It is a common order of operations mistake when people attempt to do more in order to be more. This approach is short-sighted and lacks personal context/sense of meaning.  How would your personal well-being change if you were thoroughly accepting and acknowledging of your BEING before you began your doing? “When I accept myself just

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Measuring Human Flourishing: How’s Your PERMA?

Dr. Martin Seligman, credited as the father of Positive Psychology, describes and measures human flourishing and well-being based on five elements, i.e., PERMA.  P–Pleasurable emotions (happiness, contentment, rapture, elation) E–Engagement, aka Flow (being totally immersed in what you are pursuing in the moment) R–Relationships (family, friends, worthwhile/enjoyable social connection) M–Meaning (a sense of belonging, purpose,

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Purpose Is A Performance Enhancer

In his book “Conscious Coaching”, Brett Bartholomew writes that PURPOSE IS A PERFORMANCE ENHANCER, and I love the succinctness of that statement.  There is a lot of buzz nowadays about knowing what your “why” is, and, in my opinion, similar to the buzz surrounding mindfulness, any buzz around getting clear about why you do what you

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Optimizing/Maturing the Learning Process

In the critically acclaimed “The Inner Game of Tennis: The Classic Guide to the Mental Side of Peak Performance”, Timothy Gallwey draws a distinction between The Usual Way of Learning and The Inner Game Way of Learning.  The Usual Way of Learning:  Step 1: Criticize or judge past behaviorStep 2: Tell yourself to change; instructing

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Exploring Brain Waves

There are five main types of brain waves. From slowest to fastest:     –Delta (exhibited mainly during sleep)    –Theta (exhibited when drowsy)     –Alpha (exhibited when doing a little amount of thinking and relaxed)    –Beta (exhibited when thinking, alert, or concentrating)    –Gamma (exhibited when different regions of the brain fire in harmony like moments of insight… EUREKA!)

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New Year’s Resolutions: AKA Rebirth

As a society, we welcome and celebrate New Year’s Resolutions because… New beginnings are emotionally comforting. New beginnings more easily show us possibilities of enacting positive change in our lives than “old beginnings”.  Old beginnings usually reflect insanity: doing the same thing repeatedly while expecting different results. We love to watch the rebirth/hero’s journey archetype

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Once is Enough, Once is Forever

The title of this post is a direct reference to Ryan Holiday’s The Daily Stoic.

In The Daily Stoic, “Once is
enough, once is forever” is the entry for November, 21st.

This entry hit home for me.

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