False Dichotomy: Art vs. Science

It’s an art AND a science “they” say.

This is like saying each day has a morning AND a night.

However, when it comes to art, there is a science for how to be artistic. Similarly, there is an art for how to be scientific. Therefore, suggesting something is both an art AND a science is a false dichotomy. This false dichotomy creates a view of reality that is limiting and unhelpful. A similarly harmful false dichotomy is personal life AND professional life, which creates the fool’s errand: work-life balance.

“Art: The act of doing something that might not work, simply because it’s a generous thing to do. The combination of talent, skill, craft, and point of view that brings new light to old problems”

Seth Godin

“The act of doing something that might not work, simply because it’s a generous thing to do” is inherently a part of the scientific method. The scientific method begins with a question, usually one intended to solve a problem, which backed by altruistic intentions, is GENEROUS. Moreover, the hypothesis stage of the scientific method is the same as a comedian, author, musician, painter, and/or teacher sharing an idea that may or may not resonate.

Art and science, instead of one being like morning and the other being like night, are more analogous to Saturday and Sunday. The two compliment each other and share more of the same intentionality than being in opposition to one another.

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