Opportunity Knocks… Now What?

Earlier this month, I wrote about following your “dreams” and what it takes to be committed enough to pursue them when there isn’t any consequence if you don’t.

Today, I am thinking about what happens after some version of your dreams have been granted. The metaphorical stage has been set for you to do “your thing.” You are being called up to the major leagues. What now?

Ironically, NOW is when the commitment to the PRACTICE really matters. It’s ironic because we are accustomed to think of playing in the big leagues or performing at Madison Square Garden as GAME TIME, i.e., a competition setting, as opposed to a practice setting.

Yes, your BIG BREAK is more similar to a competition scenario based on the perception of what’s at stake; however, in order to rise above the pressure and be successful, you have to mentally keep your “big break” within the context of an infinite game. Detach from the desire to “kill” and embrace the practice of trusting your self to generously deliver to those you are there to serve.

“The practice requires a commitment to a series of steps, not a miracle.”

Seth Godin, The Practice

“The practice is agnostic about the outcome. The practice remains, regardless of the outcome.”

Seth Godin, The Practice

It’s not that the outcome isn’t important. It is. But its importance lies in the opportunity to do it again. Said differently, the opportunity of all opportunities is to get to KEEP PLAYING. This is the infinite mindset. The finite minded player plays to win and thus end the game. The infinite minded player plays to KEEP PLAYING. When you play to keep playing, you inoculate yourself from the performance anxiety and pressure often caused by the cognitive distortion that leads you to believe this is a once in a lifetime moment. When you believe that what you’ve achieved is a singular occurrence, you are likely to magnify the NEED to be accepted by your peers and this intense desire to avoid failing increases the probability that you’ll choke.

“Do you trust yourself enough to commit to engaging with a project regardless of the chance of success? The first step is to separate the process from the outcome. Not because we don’t care about the outcome. But because we do.”

Seth Godin, The Practice

Remember, you have been given this OPPORTUNITY because your practice prepared you to be worthy of it. Now, just do what The Grateful Dead do: Practice in public 😉

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