Reflection: 30 Days of Blogging

This reflection blog post marks my 31st day of blogging in a row.

I am embarrassed to write this, given that I have been a wellness/fitness/performance coach for ten years, but I cannot think of another concrete example of a time in which I deliberately and strictly behaved a specific way for 30 consecutive days.

Lessons Learned:

  • A predetermined measurable outcome is not essential. I did not set out to get thirty days in a row. I set out with a commitment to the practice to show up and ship something daily with little regard for how long I would keep it up. That being said, as I accumulated more days in a row, the more energized and motivated I was to keep the streak alive.
  • Some posts were so good that upon re-reading them I am somewhat surprised it is my writing, and others are just okay. The point is that greatness occurred because of a commitment to the process to show up and write versus trying to produce something great.
  • The writing helped me to embody and think much more deeply about the ideas that I was writing about. This sounds kind of obvious but because it was a daily practice, I really felt the power of the ideas that I care deeply about become more than just ideas and actual guide posts and beacons for how to live with purpose on purpose.

“What seems like repetition is, in fact, NAVIGATION.”

Daniel Coyle, Culture Code

My Top 5 Favorites

My argument against the cliche and over-used statement about habits of performance.
How do you overcome performance anxiety and protect against choking? You do so by staying committed to your practice of playing with an infinite mindset.
How do you move forward from setbacks? How do you move forward from triumphs? The answer is the same for both questions.
A fundamental skill of any type of teaching and coaching in order to cause learning to take place is curation. Curation is a form of creating context.
Mindset Shifts: Say yes to imposter syndrome, choose adaptability, and remind yourself that life is long.

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