Reflection: 60 Days of Blogging

This reflection blog marks my 61st day in a row of blogging. 30 days ago, I reflected on the experience after 30 days, so it felt fitting and in alignment with the foundational mental skills that I reflect again after another 30 days in a row.

Lessons Learned:

  • Regardless of length and subject matter, sometimes the articles are easier and faster to write, and other times they take longer and are harder to write. Accepting and embracing this level of randomness is part of THE PRACTICE. The opportunity is to wrestle with my own thoughts, feelings, perspectives, and questions while also considering how they relate to previous things I’ve written and/or other peoples’ ideas and mental models. This opportunity has become more fun as my archive of content has grown.
  • Sometimes, at the start of writing, I am cognizant of my intent to link to past posts; whereas, at other times, I am discovering the seamless interweaving as I am writing. This allows me to actively cultivate and practice barrierlessness through THE PRACTICE of writing and then shipping these pieces.
  • There is powerful, habitual reinforcement in being committed to SHIPPING. I am not done blogging for the day until the blog is published, and the act of hitting that publish button, and then immediately seeing it go live is rewarding in and of itself.
  • These blogs have taught me to be okay with going deep into concepts and topics in shortened ways that don’t feel shortchanged nor lacking depth. This has led me to take little chunks of ideas and/or concepts and make them stand on their own as main characters with enough intrigue to expand on without adding more characters to the mix.

My Top 5 Favorites

This blog will be the last in this consecutive streak. I will, now, deliberately be moving toward publishing blogs twice a week.

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