The Opportunity Is… (pt. 2)

Pt 1.

The opportunity is to see ourselves as more than just where we have been and where we are going.

The opportunity is to listen to the voices reflecting our current state of being with high commitment and low attachment.

The opportunity is to cultivate and practice a mindset that is capable of tolerating paradox.

The opportunity is to see the opportunity in dissatisfaction, discomfort, and difficulty as enthusiastically as our ability to see the opportunity in greatness, giddiness, and gifts.

The opportunity is to reject the notion that there is no “real you.”

The opportunity is to extend others the same benefit of the doubt.

The opportunity is to care deeply about people, our pursuits, and our patterns of being and doing.

The opportunity is to trust ourselves to be self-sufficient AND ask for help.

The opportunity is to discover, explore, reflect, and SHARE…

Happy New Year… Happy 2021. New Beginnings are ALWAYS an opportunity for celebration, appreciation, reflection, prospection, and gratification.

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