The Power of Specificity

Specificity leads to clarity and clarity is more manageable, actionable, and worthwhile than ambiguity.

Specificity demonstrates conscientiousness, intention, and genuine concern.

When you ask someone “how are you,” you are being polite. However, when you ask someone “how are you TODAY” you transcend niceties and demonstrate a desire to empathetically witness someone else’s current reality.

To be asked, “how are you TODAY” is to feel seen. And when we feel seen, we are more willing and able to pay it forward by choosing specificity with our future engagements in life.

Specificity is an act of caring and caring signals a matter of importance. When you make something or someone matter, you consciously notice, look after, and rely upon those people and/or ideas. It is a privilege and meaningful to be noticed, looked after, and relied upon. This is the gift that specificity spreads.

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