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First, consider this hierarchy of terms:

  1. Changing
  2. Growing
  3. Raising
  1. Change is inevitable. Quite literally, change, at a default, is directionless and just simply happens.
  2. Growth, on the other hand, is a little more optional. Growth implies a specific direction of change and often requires some amount of conscientious commitments and behaviors to create the desired outcome of more.
  3. To Raise is to actively tinker with standards of excellence, quality, and discernment. Growing is to accumulating knowledge as raising is to cultivating wisdom.

As a parent of an actual child or an idea, project, and/or pursuit, do you want to impart your child with knowledge or wisdom? Life is long, so we need to be clear about what purpose our desired growth is in service to. Remember, cancer cells grow too.

When you focus on raising, or building, you are more conscientious of the consequences of being ON THE HOOK for your actions. To raise is stand for something and someone other than yourself. To raise is to contribute, as opposed to just comply.

People don’t grow a flag. They raise a flag. Because the point is not the growth. The point is to practice nurturing our attention toward ideals and values.

What are you raising?

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