When are you scheduling that vacation?

The next time someone says to you, “man, I could use a vacation,” instead of replying with, “tell me about it, me too,” hold their feet to the fire and say, “great, when are you scheduling that vacation?”

We owe it to one another to not just reinforce the prevailing narrative of exhaustion and misery loves company, but to hold each other accountable to being gritty about prioritizing self-care and recovery.

We think we are being supportive when we cohabitate with someone else’s struggle; however, all this temporary support does is let someone off the hook from the hard change required to grow beyond their own limiting beliefs about what’s possible.

Show this individual what is possible by being the kind of friend that is committed to saying YES, AND… I am calling your bluff: What are your counter commitments and big assumptions that keep you from actually rewarding yourself with the vacation you acknowledge you need and rightfully deserve? Too afraid to go alone? Shall I accompany you? Either way, I am following up with you to confirm that you have scheduled the time to make your recovery and wellbeing a priority.

What’s popular becomes the cultural and acceptable norm. At one time, championing low carb diets and cutting dairy and gluten out from peoples’ meals felt like a sisyphean task. Nonetheless, we have arrived at a time in which many restaurants feel obligated to cater to these dietary alternatives and accommodations. The same can be accomplished for the prioritization and bragging rights allowed to those that sleep more and recover harder. All that is required is holding one another accountable to the path of greater resistance. Eventually, the tide will turn and a new norm of possibility will influence our behaviors.

So, when are YOU scheduling that vacation?

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