What GOOD Will Come of This?

I am humbled by how frantically and frenetically I can go from feeling content, appreciative, grateful, and optimistic to defensive, closed, angry, scared, and aggressively mean. The humbling aspect has to do with how unexpected and dramatic the swing in emotions can be. Eventually, guilt and shame set in, and I am disappointed in myself […]

Learning to Draw

Think about a mistake that you made recently… What if instead of referring to it as a mistake, you were to refer to it as a misperception? Last fall, I took a six day drawing class (“drawing on the right side of the brain”). Drawing has long been a very scary, vulnerable, and humiliating proposition […]

Creative Heroes

The following is a short list of some of my creative heroes and role models: Bruce LeeJohn MayerThe Grateful DeadCameron CroweKelly StarrettJill MillerAdam GrantSeth GodinTim Ferriss What all these individuals have in common is that they are connectors and integrators of ideas, pursuits, disciplines, and sources of inspirations. They are driven to contribute to the […]