Three Circles of Candor

“I commit to saying what is true for me. I commit to being a person to whom others can express themselves with candor.” Commitment 4: Jim Dethmer, Diana Chapman, Kaley Warner Klemp The core idea of this commitment is to be conscious of our tendencies to either reveal or conceal. The mental model that best […]

Speaking and Creating Candidly

When speaking or creating with candor, consider a Venn Diagram of the following: Truthfulness: What are the unarguable truths that make up your reality? (objective/external facts, your thoughts, your feelings, and your physical sensations). Truthfulness is a measure of what you accurately reveal. Openness: How much are you revealing? You can be truthful, i.e., accurate, […]

From Best to Better

“What are the best practices?” has become an inevitable and frequently asked question in this era of quantified self, peak performance, and human optimization. It is a good question, particularly because of the intention to maximize your time and resources in an 80/20 Pareto principle type of manner. However, I invite you to consider in […]