B.A. Psychology from Pitzer College
M.A. Performance Psychology and Business Administration

I’ve devoted my life to the pursuit of understanding, embodying, and coaching high performance

My name is Jared Cohen. My personal philosophy, passion, and purpose is to EQUIP people to become extraordinary lifelong learners about themselves, their relationships, and their pursuits, so that they are more capable of living interesting, fulfilling, and meaningful lives. 

As a coach, I strive to be the catalyst for those “aha” moments that go beyond any single domain. 

My professional coaching journey began in 2006 when I was an overnight camp counselor. In 2010, my perspective on coaching widened as I got introduced to CrossFit. Since then, I have been incredibly active coaching in the intersecting worlds of health, wellness, fitness, performance, and organizational psychology. My areas of speciality include: helping to accelerate one’s expertise with mental skills training; coaching/leadership development; learning and development curriculum creation/delivery; improving employee enrichment and engagement; designing training protocols, systems, and processes; movement prehab/rehab; self-care; and movement-skill transferability.

In addition to being certified in a plethora of fitness modalities and methodologies, I hold an M.A. in Performance Psychology as well as an MBA. With these advanced academic degrees as well as expertise and years of experience coaching in mental and physical fitness domains, I am confident I can help all types of performers–corporate, sport, artistic, and tactical.

Certifications and Workshops:

Cross Fit

  • Level 1 (16 hr,  2016, 2011)
  • Mobility and Movement (24 hr, 2015, 2013, 2011)
  • Gymnastics (16 hr, 2014)
  • Endurance (16 hr, 2013)

Yoga Tune Up®

  • Integrated Anatomy Immersion (16 hr, 2016)
  • Breath and Bliss Immersion (14 hr., 2015)
  • Core Integration Immersion (20 hr., 2015)
  • Level 1 Certification Training (70 hr., 2014)
  • Hips Immersion (20 hr., 2014)
  • The Roll Model® Method-Ball Sequencing and Innovation (8 hr., 2014)
  • Shoulders Immersion (20 hr., 2014)
  • The Roll Model® Method-The Science of Rolling (8 hr., 2013)

Psychometric Diagnostics

  • MarketForce Global Human Dynamics (200 hour, 2018)
  • Athlete Assessments DISC Administer (40 hr, 2017)


  • MovNat Level 1 and Level 2 (40 hour, 2019)
  • Mobility WOD 102 (16 hour, 2019) 
  • Art of Breath Certification (8 hour, 2018)
  • Onnit Kettlebell Certification (16 hour, 2018)
  • Laird Hamilton’s XPT Certification (24 hour, 2018) 
  • Max Shank’s 5 Minute Flow (8 hr, 2016) Workshop
  • Functional Range Conditioning® Mobility Specialist (16hr, 2015)
  • Kenny Kane’s Context Coaching Seminar (16 hr, 2015)
  • Gil Hedley’s Cadaver Dissection Lab (42 hr, 2015)
  • California State University, Northridge PT Dept Cadaver Lab (6 hr, 2015)
  • Catalyst Olympic Weightlifting Level 1 (24 hr, 2014)
  • Dragon Door’s Russian Kettlbebell (24 hr, 2013)
  • YogaFit Level 1 (24 hr, 2012)
  • Carl Paoli’s Freestyle Seminar (8 hr, 2012)


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