What is Coaching?

Coaching is helping someone else to live and tell their story. Our lives are stories in the making. When we feel defeated, depleted, and demoralized, it is often because we perceive, in that moment in time, that our stories have reached a dead end. The pain feels so permanent that we are stuck inside an […]

Are you coachable?

When talking about transformation, growth, performance improvement, behavior change, or just learning something new, the first question to consider is whether you or someone else is coachable. To answer this question more concretely, I recommend reflecting upon what I call the growth hierarchy–Awareness, Willingness, Ability AWARENESS We’ve all heard it before: “awareness is the first […]

Helpful or Thorough?

These adverbs are not mutually exclusive; however, they can be in opposition, so let’s take a closer look at them in the context of coaching and teaching. Erica Ariel Fox brought my attention to this tradeoff in her exceptional book Winning from Within. (learn more about how her framework relates to the foundational mental skills […]

Compelling Point of View Pt. 2

In yesterday’s post, I wrote about WHAT a Compelling Point of View is and WHY it is a performance optimizer and differentiator. To recap, a Compelling Point of View is a personal philosophy and vision for how things should be done (in your line of work) to have a lasting IMPACT beyond the short term, i.e., your […]

Performance Psychology 2.0 (Part 3): Self-Refection

(This series was originally published on Train Heroic) Previously in this Performance Psychology 2.0 series, we explored the applied training of self-awareness (deeply understanding what your own default coaching tendencies happen to be, especially when triggered by pressure). Additionally, in Part 2, we explored the applied training of self-regulation (the ability to adapt your behavior due […]

Performance Psychology 2.0 (Part 2): Self-Regulation

(This series was originally published on Train Heroic) In last month’s post, we examined the need to start any elevation of your mental game with greater self-awareness. Once you’re more cognizant of your behavioral tendencies and how they either progress you toward or block you from achieving your goals, what’s next? Knowing how to better […]

Performance Psychology 2.0 (Part 1): Self-Awareness

(This series was originally published on Train Heroic) In the world of sports performance, when advancing the art of coaching, it’s all too tempting to become mired in the minutiae of physical training. After all, the most evident outcomes for our athletes are those that we can observe with the naked eye, and many of […]

Learn 9 New Models To Shift The Script

Explore proven mindset shifts to help you recover and regain your composure and confidence when confronted with a breakdown.