Three Circles of Candor

“I commit to saying what is true for me. I commit to being a person to whom others can express themselves with candor.” Commitment 4: Jim Dethmer, Diana Chapman, Kaley Warner Klemp The core idea of this commitment is to be conscious of our tendencies to either reveal or conceal. The mental model that best […]

Speaking and Creating Candidly

When speaking or creating with candor, consider a Venn Diagram of the following: Truthfulness: What are the unarguable truths that make up your reality? (objective/external facts, your thoughts, your feelings, and your physical sensations). Truthfulness is a measure of what you accurately reveal. Openness: How much are you revealing? You can be truthful, i.e., accurate, […]

Be a Fan (of Yourself)

“If you find yourself in struggle with self-trust, the first thing to examine is … how you treat yourself, because we can’t ask people to give us something we do not believe we are worthy of receiving. And you’ll know you’re worthy of receiving it when you trust yourself above everyone else.” (Brene Brown) We are […]

Creative Heroes

The following is a short list of some of my creative heroes and role models: Bruce LeeJohn MayerThe Grateful DeadCameron CroweKelly StarrettJill MillerAdam GrantSeth GodinTim Ferriss What all these individuals have in common is that they are connectors and integrators of ideas, pursuits, disciplines, and sources of inspirations. They are driven to contribute to the […]

Writing Your Own Song to Sing

You know that feeling when you sing one of your favorite songs out loud? Perhaps, you are in the shower… driving with the windows down… doing the dishes… or, on stage? What you are likely feeling is catharsis, simpatico, and nourishment. You feel these feelings because during the time in which you sing the song, […]

Creative Desire

Desire: “To long or hope for” “conscious impulse toward something that promises enjoyment or satisfaction in its attainment” (Merriam-Webster) Creativity: Coming up with novel and useful ideas (Originals, Adam Grant). Creative desire is the habit of asking “why” and “what if.” Creative desire is the combination of curiosity, discernment, depth, introspection, and generosity. Creative desire […]


One of the most pervasive myths of personal development and expression is to FIND YOUR VOICE. This idea has become entrenched in the modern day version of the hero’s journey. What appears to be a magical moment of being able to slay the dragon during the final act is actually a cautionary tale of someone […]

Practice Ingredients

One of my favorite books that I read this year, and, dare I say, one of my favorite books of ALL TIME is Seth Godin’s The Practice: Shipping Creative Work. Below are highlights from each of the chapters in addition to my own commentary on the highlights. Enjoy and go get the book! Trust Your […]


During part 2 of Break-Through Mindset Shifts, I wrote about the importance of cultivating and practicing the skill of pattern recognition. Pattern recognition is actually a sub-skill of what Joshua Waitzkin calls “barrierlessness.” “Breaking down the artificial barriers between our diverse life experiences so all moments become enriched by a sense of interconnectedness.” Joshua Waitzkin, […]

Shipping Creative Work

This blog marks my commitment to THE PRACTICE. The Practice of doing the work to create something from nothing and ship it into the world. This vernacular of “shipping,” i.e., to publish your work and gift it to the world in order to connect with others comes from Seth Godin. I have spent WAY too […]

Learn 9 New Models To Shift The Script

Explore proven mindset shifts to help you recover and regain your composure and confidence when confronted with a breakdown.