Becoming Adaptable

Most people think of resilience as a psychological skill that leads to other outcomes such as accomplishment, growth, and well-being. However, George Bonanno, a professor of clinical psychology and a renowned researcher on resilience, thinks and talks about resilience as an outcome of other psychological skills–one of those skills being psychological flexibility. Steven Kotler’s The […]

Mosaic of Models and Maps

I am writing a book called Adaptable Learning and Leadership–with mental models, maps, and mirrors. The primary goal of the book is to expose the reader to a mosaic of models and maps to improve their mental mirroring, which will grow their capability to be a more adaptable learner and leader. Mental Model: An overarching […]

A Clock is a Map

When you hear the word map, what comes to mind? What do you picture and what expectations do you have? What in your life functions as a map, even though you may not call it that? Maps neither invent territory nor are they an entirely faithful representation of territory. They express territory by representing landmarks […]

Effective Presentation Ingredients:

1. Identity (Who you are being—HIGHEST CONTEXT)2. Style (How you’re delivering)3. Content (What you’re delivering) When presenting information, telling a story, or just sharing information to a group of people or one other person, it is a common mistake to assume that content (the substance of what you are talking about) is of most importance. […]

Creating Context with Titles

I am fascinated by titles. Titles orchestrate our attention by providing us with a vantage point from which to make meaning out of what we consume. Titles, like genre, curate our expectations so we have a clear entry point into the experience. Think about what it is like to listen to a song, watch a […]


The joy and value in rereading… –Rereading is like listening to music: the more you interface with the content, the more you learn the melody. –Rereading is an opportunity to go deeper and consider subtext. –Rereading is a path toward mastery. You venture beyond the knowledge of the words and start to comprehend the wisdom. […]

What GOOD Will Come of This?

I am humbled by how frantically and frenetically I can go from feeling content, appreciative, grateful, and optimistic to defensive, closed, angry, scared, and aggressively mean. The humbling aspect has to do with how unexpected and dramatic the swing in emotions can be. Eventually, guilt and shame set in, and I am disappointed in myself […]

Learning to Draw

Think about a mistake that you made recently… What if instead of referring to it as a mistake, you were to refer to it as a misperception? Last fall, I took a six day drawing class (“drawing on the right side of the brain”). Drawing has long been a very scary, vulnerable, and humiliating proposition […]

Learning from Experience

Jobs, relationships, projects, education, love, art, travel, fun, and culture are all infinite games that we participate in throughout our lives. Each of these infinite games is made up of many finite games. The finite games are often categorized and labeled based on metrics of time, which we refer to as days, weeks, months, seasons, […]

Cultivating then Practicing…

Six years ago while reading Joshua Waitzkin’s The Art of Learning I came up with a definition for high performance, learning, creating art, life skills, mastery, _______ (insert your favorite place holder for the domain of personal/professional development), etc. I called it CPB Growth. Cultivating, Practicing, Barrierlessness in order to grow oneself and their pursuits. […]

Learn 9 New Models To Shift The Script

Explore proven mindset shifts to help you recover and regain your composure and confidence when confronted with a breakdown.