Beyond Happiness

Dr. Martin Seligman, credited as the father of Positive Psychology, describes and measures human flourishing and well-being based on five elements, i.e., PERMA.  P–Pleasurable emotions (happiness, contentment, rapture, elation) E–Engagement, aka Flow (being totally immersed in what you are pursuing in the moment) R–Relationships (family, friends, worthwhile/enjoyable social connection) M–Meaning (a sense of belonging, purpose, […]

Feelings/Emotional Labor

“I commit to feeling my feelings all the way through to completion. They come, and I locate them in my body then move, breathe, and vocalize them so they release all the way through.” Commitment 3: Jim Dethmer, Diana Chapman, and Kaley Warner Klemp At the beginning of last year (2021), I started a new […]

Contribution and Impact

Have you ever stopped to consider what is need to effectively apologize? Like most experiences–food, movies, music, books, education, vacations, first dates, interviews, sales conversations, etc.–the difference between effective and “good enough” is due to the inclusion or absence of the essential ingredients required to produce the desired outcome. Sheila Heen succinctly distills what is […]

Evolving Beyond Good and Bad

For a long time, I have struggled with the colloquial greeting/question, “how are you?” Part of the reason I struggle with this is because it lacks specificity. Aside from the question being difficult to answer because of its generality, the question makes me feel trapped inside of only being able to answer with either “good” or […]

Whatever It Takes?

Unless you are Captain America assembling the Avengers to travel back in time to bring back half the population that was wiped out by Thanos, I recommend NOT having the phrase “whatever it takes” as a guiding principle. The reason being is that “whatever it takes” is a sweeping statement that lacks nuance and, worst […]

Part of the Answer…

When you say “the answer is,” you sound definitive. When you say “PART of the answer is,” you practice sharing an answer that invites curiosity by leaving room for complexity by considering caveats and contingencies. Caveats reveal the limits of your understanding, research, and/or other perspectives on the topic. When you share caveats, you signal […]

Be a Fan (of Yourself)

“If you find yourself in struggle with self-trust, the first thing to examine is … how you treat yourself, because we can’t ask people to give us something we do not believe we are worthy of receiving. And you’ll know you’re worthy of receiving it when you trust yourself above everyone else.” (Brene Brown) We are […]

Acting AS IF…

When I find myself experiencing the mood sensations of fatigue, overwhelm, despair, morose, sullenness, and discouragement, it is very hard for me to shift into a more energizing and pleasant state, let alone take action. The combination of feelings often feels like a heaviness that only time itself can remove. Today I have felt this […]

If Inner Peace is Not the Same as Happiness, Then What is It?

Happiness is great, but, often, very situationally dependent. Happiness is great but, often, can’t be felt when feeling other contrasting emotions. Happiness is great but, often, when it is the goal in and of itself, the experience doesn’t measure up to the expectation. Peace, on the other hand, doesn’t depend on the situation. Peace can […]


The joy and value in rereading… –Rereading is like listening to music: the more you interface with the content, the more you learn the melody. –Rereading is an opportunity to go deeper and consider subtext. –Rereading is a path toward mastery. You venture beyond the knowledge of the words and start to comprehend the wisdom. […]

Learn 9 New Models To Shift The Script

Explore proven mindset shifts to help you recover and regain your composure and confidence when confronted with a breakdown.