In Favor of Commercials

Today we live in a world of excess, expediency, and streaming. Therefore, the media rabbit holes will keep pulling you further into an abyss. It is a bottomless pit of entertainment that has very little punctuation. Commercial breaks used to be a form of forced punctuation. When you watched your favorite sitcom on TV, it […]

What GOOD Will Come of This?

I am humbled by how frantically and frenetically I can go from feeling content, appreciative, grateful, and optimistic to defensive, closed, angry, scared, and aggressively mean. The humbling aspect has to do with how unexpected and dramatic the swing in emotions can be. Eventually, guilt and shame set in, and I am disappointed in myself […]


Snapshot: “an impression or view of something brief or transitory” (Merriam Webster) When you think about it, really think about it, “snapshot” is a very cool sounding and significant word. The music fan in me is wondering if there is a band, album, or song named snapshot. If not, WHY NOT!? Snapshots and the creative […]


….. instead of “a work in progress.” You are not work. You are not your work. You go to work. You do work. You work to IMprove and progress. When there is progress AT work, a process of refinement and improvement is taking place. This process of progression works as long as it continues to […]

What’s Possible

What’s Possible? What’s possible is choosing to see opportunities instead of problems. What’s possible is choosing to care instead of dismiss. What’s possible is choosing to learn instead of fear. What’s possible is choosing to remember instead of forget. What’s possible is choosing to sing instead of scream. What’s possible is choosing to commit instead […]

Eager to be Judged?

You want to be famous? You want to be heard? You want to go first? You want VIP status? BUT, are you eager to be judged? Are you eager to go public with the ideas inside your head? Being heard invites judgment, and judgment is often avoided at all costs. Once you accept that judgment […]

Going from Willing to Eager

Willingness gets you in the game but EAGERNESS keeps you in the game. Willingness is showing up. Eagerness is going first. Willingness is waiting for your turn. Eagerness is asking to go again. When you are eager, you are curious and passionate and focusing on the task is effortless. Willingness, on the other hand, requires paying attention. […]

Compared to What?

Some will tell you comparison robs the soul of its individuality. Some will tell you comparison feeds the ego with envy and perpetuates scarcity. Some will tell you comparison undermines your appreciation of the present. These people aren’t wrong; however, this isn’t the full story. Comparison is a tool and tools are neither good nor […]

On Second Thought?

You really believe that was just your second thought on this topic? It’s not that simple: First thought. Second thought. Third thought. It’s not that linear: One thought that triggers the fall of other thoughts like in an assembly line of dominos. A more accurate statement is to say “after further contemplation…” because your thoughts […]

50 Reasons I Write

I write to think more thoroughly and deeply. I write to recognize, understand, label, express, and regulate (RULER) my feelings. I write to learn about myself, others, and my pursuits. I write to organize, evolve, and refine my compelling points of views. I write to connect the dots between many sources of information and inspiration. I write to be able to […]