Coaching: A Way of Being

Coaching, leading, and teaching are words that are susceptible to a lot of confusion and mismanaged expectations. I believe the reason for this is because these words are all professional titles as well as behaviors, values, and ways of being. “Coaching is available to all of us and is not a profession, but a way […]

Mental Models and Vuja De (pt. 2)

If you have yet to read pt. 1, start here. In pt. 1, I described how the mental model that consists of the three foundational mental skills–self-awareness, self-regulation, and self-reflection, can seamlessly map onto other models by way of vuja de–the familiar being seen in new ways. In this part 2, I will connect self-awareness, […]

Mental Models and Vuja De (pt. 1)

Deja Vu: “occurs when we encounter something new, but it feels as if we’ve seen it before,” (Adam Grant, Originals, p. 7) Vuja De: “is the reverse–we face something familiar, but we see it with a fresh perspective that enables us to gain new insights into old problems,” (Adam Grant, Originals, p. 7) “We shall […]

Mapping a Learning Process

An essential component of pursuing mastery in any discipline is to be able to think about your discipline in a meta way. The meta perspective is what allows you to be aware of and understand the axioms and maxims of a given subject matter. Axioms and maxims often reveal the underlying assumptions that frame how […]

Reflecting on Your Day

Yesterday, I wrote about Erica Ariel Fox’s Big Four inner negotiators as a framework that can be applied to thinking about what it looks like to center oneself as well as improve your self-awareness and self-regulation skills. Today, I will discuss filtering one’s self-reflection through each of the four archetypes. This can become a very […]

A Framework for Centering

For a long time, I have heard people talk about “centering oneself,” “being centered,” and “finding center.” However, aside from thinking about centering as being balanced emotionally and spiritually, I never really knew what being centered entailed nor how to reliably go about centering myself. Erica Ariel Fox’s book Winning from Within actually delivers a […]

Above or Below the Line?

The foundational principle behind my philosophy about learning, development, growth, performance, fitness, health, and wellbeing is the trifecta of self-awareness, self-regulation, and self-reflection. To demonstrate just how valuable and applied anchoring everything in this trifecta is, I am going to filter Conscious Leadership’s concept of “above the line or below the line” through the lens […]

Training Self-Reflection

Self-Awareness provides us with insight based on our experience(s). Self-Regulation is the action of experimenting with our behaviors in order to grow our psychological flexibility beyond what our awareness suggests to be true about our natural tendencies and predilections of behavior. Self-Reflection is the process of evaluating your behavior against the example of your intended […]

Training Self-Regulation

Self-awareness gives you insight based on your previous and current experience to take the necessary action to adjust your behavior to be more situationally flexible. Your willingness and ability to experiment with different thoughts, behaviors, and coping mechanisms is a measure of how well you can self-regulate. WHAT it is The ability to adapt your […]

What are you choosing to REMEMBER?

Our minds are constantly trying to remember so many trivial, uninspiring, burdensome, and administrative pieces of information, so we don’t forget what we have deemed crucial and pay the consequences. No wonder we are stressed. No wonder we are tired. No wonder we are overwhelmed. What if we actively chose to remember, re-revisit, re-read, and […]

Learn 9 New Models To Shift The Script

Explore proven mindset shifts to help you recover and regain your composure and confidence when confronted with a breakdown.