Ambassador of Expertise

Expertise, like mastery, is an infinite pursuit. Expertise is not something you are or achieve, it is something you practice, refine, and share with the world. Whereas, if you claim you are an expert, you are referring to a title that you have already obtained. That game is over. Therefore, identifying as an expert is […]

Defrosting Your Identity

Have you ever said “I am _____” or “I have _______.” Of course, you have. For example, “I am an INFJ; I am an enneagram 8; I am a morning person; I am controlling; I am a perfectionist; I have anxiety; I have back pain; I have insomnia; I have ADHD, I have a fear […]

How Long Can You Try?

“When people, starting out now, ask me about how likely it is that they can succeed at starting a business, building a popular blog or writing a book, my inclination is to ask, ‘How long CAN you try?’” Scott H. Young This is a quote by, author and exceptional thinker/polymath, Scott H. Young from his […]


At Market Force, we teach leaders to distinguish between moods and emotions.  Moods tend to last longer in duration because they reflect the persistent background conversations you are having with yourself about the future. Whereas, emotions are more fleeting and tend to be caused by whatever is occurring for you in the moment.  Said differently, […]

Empty (And, Reuse) Your Cup

“A university professor goes to visit a famous Zen master. While the master quietly serves tea, the professor talks about Zen. The master pours the visitor’s cup to the brim, and then keeps pouring. The professor watches the overflowing cup until he can no longer restrain himself. ‘It’s full! No more will go in!’ the […]

Observation vs. Judgment

Judgment: “the act of assigning a negative or positive value to an event” (p. 18). At their core, judgments are opinions and assessments that we tend to hold with a lot of attachment. A common pitfall with judgmental language is that it reinforces binary thinking, i.e., always or never/agree or disagree. Binary thinking is rigid […]

Labeling or Learning?

Labels are an integral tool of linguistics and communication because of how they help us to identify, categorize, organize, and describe objects, surroundings, and experiences. However, labels that unconsciously get applied to ourselves or others’ identities can undermine our learning potential and psychological flexibility. The reason being is that identity labels tend to represent a […]

Where Are You… Gap or Gain?

As of late, I have been very focused on the work of The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership and Acceptance Commitment Therapy. What both of these practices have in common is a process by which we truthfully acknowledge our state of being by considering HOW we are relating to the content of our experience more […]

Are you FIT or F.I.T. ?

How do you judge yours or someone else’s level of FITness? Most people define being FIT as a measure of what someone can do or how someone looks. For example, someone can run a mile in under six minutes, bench 300 pounds, finish an iron man in under 15 hours, and/or do 20 pull-ups unbroken. […]

Be a Fan (of Yourself)

“If you find yourself in struggle with self-trust, the first thing to examine is … how you treat yourself, because we can’t ask people to give us something we do not believe we are worthy of receiving. And you’ll know you’re worthy of receiving it when you trust yourself above everyone else.” (Brene Brown) We are […]

Learn 9 New Models To Shift The Script

Explore proven mindset shifts to help you recover and regain your composure and confidence when confronted with a breakdown.