Defrosting Your Identity

Have you ever said “I am _____” or “I have _______.” Of course, you have. For example, “I am an INFJ; I am an enneagram 8; I am a morning person; I am controlling; I am a perfectionist; I have anxiety; I have back pain; I have insomnia; I have ADHD, I have a fear […]

5 Questions To Fuel Habit Change

Another New Year has arrived. I tend to experience new beginnings as both exciting and frightening. Some parts of me are rejoicing about what is possible and other parts of me are expressing doubt based on evidence of how I have fallen short of my ambitions in the past. The quicksand trap is choosing to […]

How Long Can You Try?

“When people, starting out now, ask me about how likely it is that they can succeed at starting a business, building a popular blog or writing a book, my inclination is to ask, ‘How long CAN you try?’” Scott H. Young This is a quote by, author and exceptional thinker/polymath, Scott H. Young from his […]

Labeling or Learning?

Labels are an integral tool of linguistics and communication because of how they help us to identify, categorize, organize, and describe objects, surroundings, and experiences. However, labels that unconsciously get applied to ourselves or others’ identities can undermine our learning potential and psychological flexibility. The reason being is that identity labels tend to represent a […]

Where Are You… Gap or Gain?

As of late, I have been very focused on the work of The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership and Acceptance Commitment Therapy. What both of these practices have in common is a process by which we truthfully acknowledge our state of being by considering HOW we are relating to the content of our experience more […]

Talent or Skill?

Skill is Great but Talent is Better… Here’s Why: Angela Duckworth, the leading expert on the psychological construct of grit, defines talent as the rapidity at which skill is acquired and improved: “So, if you’re a really talented basketball player, you improve very quickly when compared to less talented players with equivalent practice and opportunity.” […]

Acting AS IF…

When I find myself experiencing the mood sensations of fatigue, overwhelm, despair, morose, sullenness, and discouragement, it is very hard for me to shift into a more energizing and pleasant state, let alone take action. The combination of feelings often feels like a heaviness that only time itself can remove. Today I have felt this […]

The Russian Doll Method: Models Mapped on Top of Other Models

I like mapping models on top of other models. Even though no two models are exactly the same, it is in overlaying ones that are similar enough that you begin to see more opportunities for how to flexibly apply them, especially when filtered through the interrelated relationships of self-awareness, self-regulation, and self-reflection. For example, Carol […]

Distinction: Solid Talk vs. Soft Talk

From the Procabulary Model Solid Talk: The use of clear, direct, powerful language to effectively communicate your thoughts about a particular concept or choice. Soft Talk: The excessive use of softening words to create ambiguity, uncertainty, and avoidance about a particular concept or choice. Self-Awareness: I have become aware of over using the soft-talk phrase […]

Mosaic of Models and Maps

I am writing a book called Adaptable Learning and Leadership–with mental models, maps, and mirrors. The primary goal of the book is to expose the reader to a mosaic of models and maps to improve their mental mirroring, which will grow their capability to be a more adaptable learner and leader. Mental Model: An overarching […]

Learn 9 New Models To Shift The Script

Explore proven mindset shifts to help you recover and regain your composure and confidence when confronted with a breakdown.