Compelling Point of View Pt. 3 (Assertions)

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When was the last time you asserted your point of view? I do not mean blurting out frustrations and complaints from a place of righteous indignation. I mean taking an audacious stand to bravely raise your hand and say “I have something I would like to add.”

Remember, in Break Through Mindset Shifts Pt. 2, I urged you to stop providing more answers and START ASKING MORE QUESTIONS because “you get smarter not by answering more questions, but by asking BETTER questions” (Gil Hedley). Assertions are a form of questions, and they come from your Compelling Point of View (experience + expertise + excellence).

” ‘Perhaps’ is the unstated word at the beginning of every assertion…

Before you find an answer, you’ll need to make an assertion….

I see the situation and I’m offering something to improve it. Find your audience, then share a point of view and an invitation to connect around a new idea…

It is the act of claiming the assertion that begins the cycle of better.”

Seth Godin, The Practice

Making things better isn’t a mysterious act of creation. It is the outcome of caring deeply enough to prioritize the contemplation and introspection necessary to formulate and, then, share a point of view that has the potential to be received unfavorably. There is also the potential that your point of view makes others feel safe and enrolled in also sharing their point of view. All it takes is just one assertion to create a ripple effect.

This is my assertion… What’s yours?

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