The following is a short list of some of my creative heroes and role models:

Bruce Lee
John Mayer
The Grateful Dead

Cameron Crowe
Kelly Starrett
Jill Miller
Adam Grant
Seth Godin
Tim Ferriss

What all these individuals have in common is that they are connectors and integrators of ideas, pursuits, disciplines, and sources of inspirations. They are driven to contribute to the legacy of work that they were (and still are) fans of. In addition to just merely contributing, they all have compelling points of view that involve challenging the status quo because they want to RAISE the level of excellence, impact, and usefulness that is offered by the diversity of genres and domains in which they create. All of these individuals make it a point to have a diversified portfolio of work because they value creative autonomy and curiosity as well as a polymathic range of expression more than any other metric of success.

More often than not, they generously give you what you didn’t know you wanted and needed more than meeting your predetermined expectations. The reason they can do this is because they are committed to a consistent, insatiable, learning based practice of noticing, discerning, and re-imagining.

What they reimagine becomes their creative output and this output often shines a light on some elements of their own vulnerability. This helps to break down the barrier between us and them and now the art that they made belongs as much, if not more, to us than it does to them.

I am committed to honoring their influence and legacy with my work…

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