Your mental mirror is made up of the trifecta that is self-awareness, self-regulation, and self-reflection.

Self-Awareness is the lens through which you gain insight; self-regulation is the lens through which you adjust the ways in which you behave to support your intended outcome; and self-reflection is the lens through which you look back and process your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to support self-directed adaptive plasticity.

One way in which to gaze into your mental mirror is by simulating what each of the three lenses (awareness, regulation, and reflection) might ask and reveal as it pertains to the statement of YOUR “WHY.”

Self-Awareness: START w/ WHY

-What’s something you’ve done or been a part of in your life that you absolutely loved?

-What does it feel like to be fully enraptured by the intrinsic joy of your efforts?

-What’s your offer? How do you wish to contribute to the world and what kind of impact do you want to leave behind?

-How do you tend to behave when you are performing with ease and passion?

Self-Regulation–RETURN to WHY

What’s it for?

Who’s it for?

-Why AND how will your future self benefit from this course of action?

-What promise do you intend to keep? How will you keep it?

Self-Reflection–REFINE your WHY

-How did you do? Was it worthwhile?

-How aligned were your WHAT, HOW, and WHY?

-What’s next? How can you do it better? What will be different? What will be the same?

-Did it feel generous? What would make it feel more generous?

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