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In this show, Jared Cohen and his co-host Alexandra Ellis interviews guests on the struggles, philosophies, and evolving practices of coaching—being a coach, having a coach, and or any avenue of providing value for another individual that advances his or her life.

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  • Ep 67: Austyn Layne Nealer and Healthy Skepticism 03/03/2019
    Today we are going behind the podium in person at Oak Park Los Angeles, home of CrossFit LA, with Austyn Layne Nealer, who is a coach, master’s graduate of Cal State Fullerton, certified Athletic Trainer, cockroach hater, runner, yogi, CrossFitter, blueberries enthusiast, beachgoer, coffee zealot, reggae fan, lavender-flavored kombucha drinker, runner, sister, healthy skeptic, rope […]
  • Ep 66: Elizabeth Wipff Being an Influencer vs Being a Leader 02/10/2019
    Today we are going behind the podium for a second time with Elizabeth Wipff; coach, teacher, mentor, meditator, competitive Olympic Weightlifter, Yoga Tune Up teacher/teacher-trainer, movement-mobility specialist, CrossFitter, dancer, theatre arts graduate, singer, straight-shooter, anti-bullshitter, quote-collector, wife, and life-long searcher. Specifically, this guest of ours has been coaching and teaching nationally since 1999 and has […]
  • Ep 65: Dr. Jason Von Stietz and the Von Stietz Bump 01/27/2019
    Today we go behind the podium with Jason Von Stietz. He is a coach, Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology, Sports Psychology consultant, neurofeedback technician, sumo wrestler, an avid supporter of house Stark, weightlifter, recipient of the student-athlete of the year award from his high school, husband, and father of three cats—Penny, Cowboy, and Mimi. […]
  • Ep 64: Brian Mackenzie + Rob Wilson – Methods are Many but Principles are Few 01/13/2019
    Today we have Rob Wilson. Rob, with his wife, co-owns CrossFit Virginia Beach. He has over 15 years of experience as a manual therapist both as a practitioner and a teacher, a very robust background in martial arts, and is a part of our previous guest, Dr. Kelly Starrett’s, MobilityWod Team. Rob is also the […]
  • Ep 63: Jared Goes to the Art of Breath Seminar 12/30/2018
    This week, Jared and Alex chat about Jared’s recent experience with The Art of Breath seminar. The Art of Breath is a program developed to give participants an experience-based understanding of how breathing can affect both short-term performance and long-term health. Breathing is the new wave of training – you’ll learn about this awesome new […]
  • Ep 62: Dr. Ryan Smith 12/17/2018
    Today we are going behind the podium with Ryan Smith, a coach, doctor of physical therapy, gym owner, soccer player, wrestler, CrossFit coach, alumnus of Ohio State University, former bartender of Figlio Wood-Fired Pizza, a self-proclaimed bookworm, craftsman, vivacious learner, and all around genuine good dude. Specifically, our guest is the Chief Operating Officer, Head […]
  • Ep 61: Be Who You Are 12/10/2018
    It’s a solo episode this week! Jared and Alex dive into a conversation recapping what they’ve been studying, thinking and doing over the last few months. We cover: How realigning yourself with your intentions can resolve tension Why going back to your why is always important How to cultivate the life you want And some […]
  • Ep 60: Emily Peterson – TimBO, Yin Yoga and Being Present 08/16/2018
    To be able to connect with students and clients on a deep level, an interplay of seriousness and playfulness is required. Our guest today is a magician at both. We chat with Emily Peterson, a coach, Rock n Roll enthusiast, Yin Yoga teacher, master Reiki practitioner, TimBO facilitator and teacher trainer, cat lover, elephant lover, […]
  • Ep 59: Dr. Sarah Court: Strong Ideas Loosely Held 08/02/2018
    On today’s show, we chat with Dr. Sarah Court, who has been both a mentor and personal friend to us both. Dr. Sarah is a coach, Yogi, Yoga teacher, Yoga Tune Up Teacher Trainer, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Princeton University Alum with degrees in Art and Archeology, Herder of Clinical Pearl, and facilitator of further […]
  • Ep 58: Roeshan Shadravan – Body Whisperer, Organ Manipulator, and Pain Educator 07/19/2018
    Pain isn’t always a bad thing – it keeps you safe, warns you of impending danger, and keeps you off areas as they heal. But pain certainly impacts performance and your ability to show up in the world. On today’s episode, we are going behind the podium with Roeshan Shadravan, a coach, snowboarder, bodyworker, educator, […]
  • Ep 57: Jill Miller + Kenny Kane: Being a Parent to Different Families and Missions 07/05/2018
    This week, we had the awesome privilege to sit down with our mentors, Jill Miller and Kenny Kane. Kenny is a previous guest and owner of Oak Park (formerly CrossFit LA). He is also one of the hosts of the podcast, Body of Knowledge. Jill is the godmother of our show – it is through […]
  • Ep 56: Zeb Pascual – from Coach to Business Owner and Back to Coach 06/21/2018
    Cultivating relationships may be one of the hardest things about being a coach. We must constantly manage the relationship with our clients, our bosses and our loved ones, all with some finesse. Our guest today, Zeb Pascual, is a great example of someone who is an expert at maintaining relationships, even as his own titles […]
  • Ep 55: Daniel Cortez – Evolutionary Mismatch and Finding the Middle Path 06/07/2018
    Have you ever been transplanted into a new town and immediately set off on forging new relationships? Our guest today, Daniel Cortez, has not only done that but also established a strong place for himself in the movement world in a short time. Daniel is a coach, law school grad, matcha enthusiast, natural mover, health […]
  • Ep 54: Charlie Reid and Regulating Thought Viruses 05/24/2018
    Our guest today believes that we are blinded by what we don’t know. Charlie Reid is a coach, educator, massage therapist, strength and mobility trainer, physical culturalist, alum of San Diego State University with a B.S. in Kinesiology, anti-guru, espresso purist, trainer of embodied athletes, bass player, husband, and fitness imagineer. Charlie is a Certified […]
  • Ep 53: Ariel Kiley Cultivating Community in the Classroom 05/10/2018
    Many people come to group fitness and the gym to find a community – but how do you cultivate a positive community that will commit to coming to class on a regular basis? Ariel Kiley has the secret sauce and is sharing it with us on today’s episode. Ariel is a coach, yoga teacher, meditation teacher, […]
  • Ep 52: Nikki Naab-Levy and the Business Side of Coaching 04/26/2018
    Today, we go behind the podium with Nikki Naab-Levy – a coach, Pilates teacher, Massage Therapist, fitness educator, alumnus from Ohio University with a bachelors in exercise science, cheerleader, body nerd, podcaster, wife, and corgi mama. Nikki has over ten years of experience in the fitness industry showing people who struggle with injury how to […]
  • Ep 51: Trina Altman – Teaching from the Inside 04/12/2018
    No two bodies are the same – are you custom tailoring every movement for your clients? Trina Altman is a coach, Yoga teacher, Pilates teacher, Yoga Tune Up teacher, Roll Model Method teacher, certification/continuing education junkie, movement explorer, connoisseur, and dabbler, dark chocolate lover, embodied anatomy nerd, yoga blanket model, trampoliner, blogger, presenter, teacher-trainer, Brown University […]
  • Ep 50: Mark England – Procabulary and the Power of Language 03/29/2018
    Words matter. A majority of our communication with clients and students requires the words we choose to convey the meaning. And language is a force that can constrict your life or help it to grow and expand. Today, we go behind the podium with Mark England, a coach, martial artist, world traveler, TEDx speaker, language geek, educator, […]
  • Ep 49: Online Education – a Replacement for In Person? 02/14/2018
    With the rising cost of travel and education, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to continue your education with in-person events. Thankfully (or not), we live in a time where many thought leaders are including online education as a part of their course offerings. In today’s episode, Jared and Alex cover online education and attempt to tackle […]
  • Ep 48: Kathryn Budig on Being a Teacher, Not an Instructor 02/07/2018
    Where is the line between teacher and instructor? In today’s episode, Jared and Alex talk with Kathryn Budig, a coach, international yoga teacher, author, podcaster, blogger, someone that ranked 12th out of the 50 Most Influential Yoga Teachers Online in 2017 by Tribe, a University of Virginia graduate with degrees in English and Drama, […]

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