The 5 C’s of the Leadership Cycle


Leadership is a decision. You can be a leader if you choose. However, you cannot choose just once or when you feel like it. Leadership is actively, regularly, and consistently choosing to behave in service of something bigger than yourself. When you are behaving in service of something bigger than yourself, you 

  • 1(a). COMMUNICATE a compelling vision of a future state that does not yet exist,
  • 1(b). emotionally CONNECT with others to enroll them in the vision of possibility,
  • 1(c). COMMIT to processes and protocols that align with the vision AND protect against prioritizing urgency led behaviors at the expense of wildly important and creative deep work,
  • 1 (d). and regularly CHALLENGE the quality of the work being shipped in order to evaluate and refine the next iteration of COMMUNICATION, CONNECTION, AND COMMITMENT.

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