We shall not cease from exploration. And the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.

The E²E Process

Focusing on the foundational mental skills of "mindset"

informed by EXPERIENCE

Taking inventory of your default tendencies of behavior and considering what thoughts and feelings influence those behaviors

Self-Regulation through EXPERIMENTATION

The ability to adapt our behaviors due to context specificity, intended outcomes, and the interplay between the two

Self-Reflection by evaluating your behavior against your model EXAMPLE

The filtering process through which you make meaning out of what has occurred by assessing, evaluating, interpreting, and organizing your thoughts and feelings in an integrative way

Performance Psychology Explained:

Situation x Behavior = Result

Cultivating and Practicing Barrierlessness to Master the Growth Process

Barrierlessness is a term coined by author Joshua Waitzkin in The Art of Learning. “Breaking down the artificial barriers between our diverse life experiences so all moments become enriched by a sense of interconnectedness,” (Waitzkin, pg. 183). This knowledge of interconnectedness breeds self-sufficiency and empowerment which in turn furthers one’s ability to grow and resist stagnation. Can you take an experience from last Tuesday and apply it to an unrelated, unexpected experience this Thursday?

The Growth Cycle

Growth is not linear. Growth is cyclical. The cycle requires a dance between cultivation and practice. Cultivation is a priming mechanism and practice is the act of repetition. 
You cannot effectively nor efficiently practice that which is absent of foundational knowledge. The cultivation of skills creates scaffolding, which guides your practice with a blueprint of foundational knowledge that informs your navigation of repetition.
When cultivation and practice seamlessly intersect, you get into a flow state and flow state influences growth. 

Tools for assessment:

  • Helps identify behavioral concerns and needs when under pressure
  • Supports optimizing team dynamics in an organizational context by reducing friction, increasing productivity, and accelerating performance
  • Teaches the four essential leadership initiatives
  • Learn more here
  • Helps identify perception of behaviors in a given context
  • Supports optimizing team dynamics with 360 reviews
  • Teaches the difference between natural and adapted tendencies of behavior
  • Learn more here


The Body Of Knowledge Podcast: For more on the assessment process with the DISC framework

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