If you are not your thoughts, then who are you?

Our thoughts are with us all the time, even while we are asleep. Our thoughts are constantly feeding us information about what we want and whether we are satisfied with what we’ve got. Our thoughts insidiously make us so attached to our point of view because they are and will always be our longest standing relationship. Therefore, the default is not to question our thoughts but to live obediently to their demands.

What is tricky about our thoughts is that they, like instagram, are elusive, piecemeal, lack context, and, often, feel anxiously and urgently important. Hence, this is why we are so easily seduced by them.

If you are not your thoughts, then who are you?

You are you in your entirety, internally and externally, everything that’s ever been and everything that will ever be. This is a hell of a lot more than just a stream of thoughts that you find yourself temporarily attached to. You are the outcome of many physiological AND psychological processes that are continually undergoing reconfiguration.

Science tells us it has never been “nature or nature” it ONLY has ever been nature AND nurture. Results emerge from the bi-directional relationship between the two. Similarly, fish live in water the same way we live in our thoughts. And fish are more than just the water they swim in, just like we are more than the thoughts we think.

If you are not your thoughts, then who are you?

“Once we glimpse our mind as a set of processes, rather than getting swept away by the seductions of our thoughts, we enter the path of INSIGHT”

Daniel Goleman, Richie Davidson, Altered Traits


Your opportunity is to witness life with enough clarity of mind that you are more than just temporal attachment and fixation. You are a VOYAGER that is capable of exploration when you look beyond the thought and into the horizon of consciousness.

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